Our Vision Statement

Expanding residential and vocational services that support individuals with Intellectual Disabilities throughout Ogle, McHenry, Boone and DeKalb counties while continuing to foster and develop partnerships with stakeholders in each community.

Our Core Values

Avancer’s core values apply equally to staff and to those with whom we work: individuals, families, guardians, vendors, doctors, hospitals, clinics, all stakeholders: THEY ARE . . .

A POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE where we are excited about the people we serve and the interdependent relationship with them that motivates us to promote a fun, balanced and peaceful environment.

Our conduct must show respect and honor for the VALUE OF THE PERSON . Our care, empathy, and understanding must be balanced with the needs of the stakeholder in front of us. We must honor the job that every stakeholder does with consideration, kindness and compassion.

We’re a FAMILY : Committed to one another in a caring, respectful, and supportive environment. Our goal is to see one another succeed.

Part of the culture of this agency is ADAPTABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY . We give each task our best effort, and attempt to attain the best possible outcomes given the current resources. A very solid and growing core of employees want to achieve high standards, be dependable and loyal, and preserve to achieve excellence.